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Should I Study Russian or Chinese?

Should I Study Russian or Chinese?

Foreign language is useful for private life, traveling, working and other activity. But should you study Russian or Chinese?

You may need it for communication with the company’s partners and its foreign clients, or for study abroad. Knowledge of each of these languages has some advantages that may be decisive for making the choice.


Chinese is one of the oldest and difficult languages in the world due to its hieroglyphs and special features of pronunciation. However, it deserves learning both for your personal development and potential career prospects:

  • One of each five persons in the world speaks Chinese and the quantity of those for whom it is the first language continues to grow;
  • China’s grows fast in all spheres and cooperation with its representatives is of interest to many global companies where specialists with knowledge of Chinese are required;
  • The writing system in Chinese was formed over two thousand years ago and some hieroglyphs have remained unchanged up to now;
  • According to various estimates, Chinese includes from seven to ten dialect groups and each of them comprises several dozens of parlances;
  • If you understand Chinese, you will be able to get familiar more closely with the culture, customs, literature and mythology of the country;
  • Learning the language will be required for study or work in China because it is the State language there and the main communication tool.


Despite its fundamental differences from Chinese, Russian is also in the list of the most difficult languages. However, foreigners do their utmost to learn it for many reasons:

  • Russian is spoken by people in 17 countries and it is the native language for 164 million persons all over the world;
  • Courses which read in Russian are usually cheaper than similar English-taught programmes;
  • If you want apply for the programmes with instruction in Russian, you need to have advanced language skills. It is simpler to learn Russian before going to Russia with the help of distance programmes or at school if such subject is provided for therein;
  • To learn Russian, foreigners have to spend an additional year for preparatory courses at the higher education institution; therefore, you will save time if you got language base at home.

The main reason to obtain Russian is the possibility to get education in this country:

  1. It’s cheaper than in Europe and USA;
  2. Foreigners can study for free with Government funded places;
  3. There is wide choice of directions and programmes with strong knowledge base and professional practice.

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