Should I Study Russian or German?

Should I Study Russian or German?

It is quite difficult to get a good education and make a career without speaking foreign languages. For students who is intended to study in European or Russian universities choosing a second language is an important issue. One of the matters is: Should I study Russian or German?

You can learn Russian or German as a foreign language on language courses. To be honest, both of these languages are not easy. The applicant who chose Russian will receive several advantages:

  • The possibility to get higher education in best Russian universities with an affordable tuition fee;
  • A variety of specialties: a lot of programmes are offered by different Russian universities;
  • The possibility to find a job with prospective companies and large holdings.

International students and applicants often choose Russia as a country for higher education for the optimal cost and for getting a great quantity of education programmes. The difference in the tuition fee between Russian and European universities can be considerable:

  • From EUR 3,000 to EUR 15,000 in EU countries – such as UK, France or Spain;
  • From $1,500 in regional Russian universities, such as TSU or Samara University, up to $7,900 in the most prestigious Moscow universities – RUDN University, MEPhI.

Foreign applicants who have studied Russian in school will not have to undergo a preparatory language course. If they pass the tests, they are admitted to the university immediately and do not have to spend another year for preliminary language courses.

European students who study in Russian universities in English have an opportunity to learn Russian or German as their second foreign language. Learning Russian is going to be quicker and easier thanks to the language immersion. A student can take supplementary or optional subjects to expand his/her specialty.

For English-speaking students studying Russian as a second foreign language gives an opportunity to increase their rating on the labor market. Many university graduates later get a job in a big companies where their skills in English and Russian make them highly competitive employees.


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