Studying Abroad Programmes

Studying Abroad Programmes

If you want to study abroad pay attention to Russia. Russian universities offer a variety of educational programmes in different fields of study.

In Russia, many universities offer programmes for foreigners. Best of the chosen by the Project 5-100 and supported by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. And there is no differ in origin country, nationality or even language for students: if you want study abroad in Russia will help you get a degree or upgrade your skills.

In accordance with the European standards, the Russian education system involves several levels of training: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, postgraduate study, doctoral studies. Some disciplines still have Specialist’s Degree with 5 years programmes (Chemistry, Medicine directions – Dentistry, General, Biotechnology and others).

Good to Know

Here is some spots you should pay attention for:

  • In Russia children finish school at 17-18 years old. But there no rules about age of entering first stage on university (Bachelor). Main Educational Law says, that everyone, who finished secondary, may apply for high on free-tuition base. Enrolling is competitive and guarantee state-funded spots in Federal Education foundation only.
  • International applicant are equal in their rights with citizens for getting education for free. For whom not passed exams or in case of other reasons (fee-based training only), stateless persons can study on fee-paying base. Training cost depends of university rank, programme details, form of study etc. Read more about fees here.
  • Universities located in the different parts of Russia, so you can choose region by preferences in climate, motherland closer, other criteria.
  • Many courses provide in English. Specify need of providing the language certificate at the chosen higher education institution.

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Programmes and Terms

Except main Degree’s programmes, most of universities have short training programmes. They are specified in different fields of study and fee-based mainly. Programmes arranged as additional and pre-education training. First helps you increase skills by profession, the next one is for preparing to study abroad in Russia.

As far as major part of stateless applicants can’t speak Russian, universities provide Preparatory Courses. Usially it takes for 1 year and include language and basic disciplines courses. Quota granted students enter these courses for free. But everyone can study for reasonable price too.

Programmes Lst

Russian universities have all known programmes for variety future professions. Check our search form to view all directions. No matter who are you going to be: journalist or doctor, teacher or database researcher – Russia gives you an opportunity to study with comfort terms. Russian diplomas accepted in major countries and gives a chance to get good job in the international companies.


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