Architecture Education in Russia

Architecture Education in Russia

Study of architecture in Russia is built according to the Western model, and have successive stages: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Doctorate. To get a diploma, students pass the exams in core subjects and to write a thesis or architectural project.

Fields of Study and Specialties

Future architects are offered educational programmes in the in the following fields:

  • Residential, public and industrial buildings architecture;
  • Design of the architectural environment;
  • Urban planning;
  • Management of cities spatial development, etc.

Programmes give fundamental knowledge in the history of architecture, the basic principles of composition, practical skills in design documents preparation, the construction works supervision.


Study of architecture in Russia is conducted mainly in Russian, but there are courses in English as well. For example, Future Cities Prototyping (HSE University, Moscow).

Universities offer intensive Russian language courses for foreign students going to get architectural education in Russia. The courses last from 40 academic hours up to 1 year (depending on complexity and frequency of studies). You can choose at a course corresponding to your educational level in this section.

More Information

Prices in Russia

A student in Russia needs USD 300 to 400 per month on average or USD 3,000 to 4,000 per academic year (September to June).

Student Lodging

Finding comfortable and affordable student lodging.

Study in English

You can study in Russia without knowing Russian language. The studies are in English.

Conditions for Foreign Students Admission

Only the full-time study of architecture is available. To enter the university it is required to provide a certificate of secondary education, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or Specialist’s diploma (depending on the programme level). The entire list of documents required for admission is available here.

Tha admission is made on a competitive basis. Applicants take entrance exams in principal subjects, language, history, and have an oral interview. The degree in Art is an advantage for the applicants.

Foreign students with an invitation from the university apply for a student visa. It is to be renewed annually. Find out more in the Russian Student Visa section.

State Russian Universities with Architectural Programmes

More than 20 universities are participants of the Government programme to attract foreign students and to increase the universities competitiveness. Architectural programmes are available in the following institutions:

  • SUSU (Chelyabinsk);
  • FEFU (Vladivostok);
  • RUDN University (Moscow);
  • SibFU (Krasnoyarsk);
  • HSE University (Moscow);
  • ITMO University (St. Petersburg) and others.

In the universities section you can find detailed information on the universities, outstanding graduates, positions in the international rankings, university residences.

The relevant list of educational programmes in architecture is on the website. Here you will find detailed information about the courses, the forms of study, the tuition fee and the conditions of residing.


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