Bachelor’s Degrees in Europe

Bachelor’s Degrees in Europe

Study in Europe in English for a Bachelor’s degree will not require substantial financial costs, if instead of the British, Swiss, German and Dutch universities you choose one of the universities in Russia. In Russia, the tuition fee is lower.

Reasons to Choose Place of Education:

  • Programmes choice, variety, tuition fee average;
  • Quality of education, including University prestige, rank, teaching staff competence;
  • University location. Is it close to students motherland or have same climate, rather low cost of living or wide possibility hiring after getting diploma.

Study in Europe in English for a Bachelor’s Degree in Russia: Price Level

Bachelor’s degree tuition fee depends on the university chosen. In prestigious universities of the capital, the amount may reach 380,000 rubles (about $6600). If you choose a university not in Moscow or St. Petersburg, the amount will be less: from 120,000 rubles ($2100). Its needed to underline that not only Moscow or other Central part of Russia Universities are expensive. Some programmes, such as Nanotechnology, Dentistry, Nuclear Engineering and many others have high-ranked prices. The same way, some of major universities have only free-tuition educational programmes too.

Other side – living cost. Monthly expenses amount to $300-400 on average (including food, accommodation, payment for transport, communications, etc.) Basically students live in campus, that helps to save money and stay in touch with community.

More Information

Academic Competitions

Excellent opportunity to enter Russian university without exams.

Russian Language

How to learn Russian in one year? Almost all international students are successful in it.

Work for students

How an international student can find employment legally.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes: How to Apply?

Russian universities offer a lot of Bachelor’s programmes, some of them are taught in English (the full list could be found here). You are free to choose any technical or humanitarian direction.

Enrolment needs to pass exams. Like Russian students, applying for Bachelor’s degree foreigners must prove the knowledge with competitive selection. For passing well, its recommended to take the Preparatory Department courses. Such Depts are provided by all major Institutes, so you can choose field, direction and specialization of training (like economy, natural science etc.) to be sure that you can be enrolled. Courses include intensive study of Russian, so after you’re can apply for Russian-teaching programmes.

Sing up for the website and you will be able to send an application directly to the universities, through this form you can also ask all the questions to the international department universities' staff, they will answer within ten days.


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