Environmental Education in Russia

Environmental Education in Russia

Environmental education in Russia offered by Direction of Earth and Biological Science in major Russian universities. The are recommended for international applicants who wish to study abroad as the most staffed with lectors and training base.

Universities provide Russian and English-lecturing programmes. Bachelor’s, Master’s and Postgraduate Programmes include Hydrogeology, Chemistry, Biology, Human Health, Marine and Aerosphere Studies, Environmental Research and Management and other fields.

Here Is Some Reasons to Study Environmental Science Abroad in Russia:

  • Reasonable cost of education. Even if you didn’t pass selection for free education, you can take same programme for money. For example, IKBFU University Earth Science Bachelor’s starts form USD 1060 per year, UT (Tyumen) offers USD 1389 per year, etc.
  • Programmes variety. Universities located in the different regions and have diverse programmes in conjunction with local labor market, environmental problems, university specialization. Space Geophysics and Applied Biological Care can be study in MIPT, Siberian and Arctic Studies provide in TSU (Siberia). So international student have opportunity to study “environment in relevant environment” which gives specialized practice and professional level advantages.
  • The Russian educational programmes pay more attention to practice and personal control with students. Higher education institutions invite research associates members, heads of ecological bureau and scientific staff to teach students. You can ask them for the help in coursework’s and scientific researches directly.

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Universities and Programmes

  • Ecology and Natural Resource Management can be started in RUDN. Bachelor’s Programme takes 4 yeas and based at study radioecology, environmental management and expertise, geoecology,ecological screening and research, human ecology. Every year student take practice course: Natural Ecosystems for the first year of study, Technogenic for the second and Industrial for the third. Degree could be continued with Master’s Programmes which offer several cooperation courses with SCO Universities and Europe Education Foundation. 
  • KFU also offered Ecology Management Programmes for Bachelor’s Degree that can be increase with relevant Master’s Programme. Master’s Stage lasts for 2 years and focused on study ecology and pollution problems, environmental safety management, human health protection and all types manufacturing risks decrease. 
  • Same direction programme at UNN focused at basic theoretical and applied knowledge of the marinas and earthen communities research, development of 3D life forms analysis, regional biomonitoring. Graduates can became hygienic agencies, get job in the industrial and agricultural spheres.
If you going to choose Russian-teaching programmes, it’s better to take Preparatory Department Courses before. It’ll help you to refresh knowledge of needed to exam disciplines, get advanced Russian skills and know more about education and life style in Russia. To get all information from universities directly, please, sing up for website. 


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