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Russian History Education in Russia

Russian History Education in Russia

Study of Russian history, like the history of any country, is too complex for independent study. It is full of events having ambiguous explanation, and for making a complete picture an ability to analyse a variety of opposing points of view is required.

Using studyinrussia.ru website international students are able to choose a programme for studying the Russian history in the best state educational institutions.

Nearly 40 programmes cover fields such as:

  • Russian and the World History;
  • Archaeology;
  • History Information Resources;
  • History and Intercultural Dialogue;
  • History of Art;
  • Applied and Interdisciplinary Historical Science, etc.

Each programme is based on a wide coverage of epochs, allows to study the historical facts in its entirety, building a complete picture of the world and determining the position of Russia in it.

National History: Versatile Angles, Various Aspects

International students can study Russian history in such institutions as:

  • RUDN University (Moscow);
  • Tomsk State University (Tomsk);
  • NSU (Novosibirsk);
  • HSE University (Moscow),
  • IKBFU (Kaliningrad) and others.

Students of the National History of the XIX – the Beginning of the XXI Century programme in RUDN get a Master’s degree after 2 years of study. Students are required to have critical view, as otherwise it is impossible to do a proper analysis of documents, facts, to investigate present and past social problems. Lectures are combined with practical work in museums, archives, etc., the newest techniques, including computer ones, are used in the studying process. Graduates have wade employment opportunities: from a school or university history tuitor to an employee in public and private administration institutions of any level. The study of Russian history is conducted in Russian.

TSU offers a Siberian Studies programme. The applicant must already have completed higher education, and after finishing this course he will receive a Master’s degree. The course consist of the study of the Siberian history from the XVII century to the present day, strategies of economic modernization, particularities of Russian statehood, etc. Students are being prepared for further work in the federal establishments, think tanks, research and educational institutions. Course is 2 years long, teaching is in Russian.

NSU offers a two-year training under the Socio-political History of Russia programme. Upon graduation the graduate receives a Master’s degree. The course includes compulsory and variable parts, and involves the study of historical demography, the military country history and the Russian economy. An important role in the education process is given to practical and research work in the field of the national history. The postgraduate education is available. .

Using the search form, you can learn more about each programme for the study of Russian history, with universities offering such study, and apply for admission to the best state Russian universities.

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