Study in Europe for Free

Study in Europe for Free

Studying in Europe for free allows to get a new profession or to improve the existing knowledge level.

Study in Europe and Russia

Another advantage of Russian higher education is an opportunity to get a government scholarship. 15,000 scholarships for free education are provided every year. Language requirements to the applicant are modest, and many universities have special language courses.

What the government scholarship includes:

  • The tuition fee;
  • The scholarship (its size does not depend on the performance level);
  • Living in the university residence (if the university has any).

Study in the European university for free, and often in Russia as well, is not truly free. A significant sum of money is to be spent monthly on housing and food (in Russia students will need $300-400 a month on average). In Europe, teaching is conducted in the state language. In some countries, a language exam is required.

In Russia, there are preparatory courses. They are divided into language only and special ones (covering the introductory courses of major disciplines according to the field of study). Tuition fee depends on the course duration. For example, a semester of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Ural Federal University costs 65,000 rubles ($ 1080). Compare this cost with the courses cost in England or France, which have to be completed before applying to a university in Europe for free. It is possible to study in English in the Russian Federation as well.

Even if you did not manage to get a scholarship, do not worry. Consider the fee-paying education - prices for educational programmes in Russia are much lower than in many other countries. To make a choice use our web search service. Then you can sign up here and send an application directly to the state Russian universities.


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