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English Universities in Europe

English Universities in Europe

Study in Europe in English is pricey considering the high cost of living (food, transportation, medical insurance, utilities). If you choose a Russian university, the costs will be reduced since the cost of living and the tuition fee are lower.

Meanwhile, Russia traditionally provides a good quality education. A large range of modern educational programs in different fields is offered to international students. In Russia, foreigners can be taught in English.

What You Should Definitely Know about Studying in Russia

Intramural study is the most popular and much-in-demand option. You can choose other options: Full-Time, Part-Time, Extramural, and Distance Learning. Training in the Russian Federation is conducted in Russian or in English. There exist Preparatory courses. Training duration is from several monthes to 2 years.

Some universities accept students under a quota of the Russian Government, in others you will have to pay the tuition fee. But even in this way, the costs will be significantly lower than the cost of study in Europe in English. Universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg are considered the most prestigious, but the cost of living here is high enough. Universities in small and medium-sized cities (Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Samara, Tomsk and others) provide education in medical, technical, economic and other fields, while the tuition fee and the cost of residence is lower.

English-language Programmes

Major universities in Russia offer English-taught programmes for every educational level (Degree). Insofar as English is not state language, some of Institutes now accept international applicants without IELTS. But if you’re not native speaker, it’s better to specify enroll terms, cause education efficiently and results are correlate to understanding of lectures, so university must be sure in your language level and probably would ask for certificate.

Is It Better to Take Russian-language Educational Programme?

Just see next points:

  • Frist, you will be not limited with programmes list, cause not all of them are possible to study in English.
  • Second, Russian programmes are cheaper if you chose fee-base form;
  • Third, it be more easy to communicate and explore country.

How to Apply

For all forms of study and any language of instructions, there are competitive selection envisaged. Because of Russian education system differences, we are recommend to take summer school or Preparatory Department courses. You will get an instruction about entering exams , they forms, period and enrolment terms. Also at the Preparatory Course you will study Russian and get a possibility to choose Russian-language programme. Make you own decision and choose programme to study in Europe in English or in Russian. Sing up for website and you will be able to send an application directly to the chosen universities.
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