Scholarships to Study in Europe

Scholarships to Study in Europe

Students of European universities can apply for an education grant. As a supplement to the high academic performance, the prospect student has to show his achievements at the academic competitions, in sport or in the arts, and participate in public activities.

In Russian universities, the expenses for education can also be covered by the State. Subject to a good academic performance, the student will get a monthly scholarship.

Free Education in Europe and Russia

A scholarship to study in Europe is provided both by the Governments and education institutions. Funding to study may be received from interested commercial firms, charities and societies.

The scholarship received can cover 50 to 100% of the tuition fee and, in some instances, the student living expenses.

A government scholarship for free university education is provided for foreign students in Russia. State-funded places are provided for this purpose by the Government of Russia. In 2017, its quota amounted to 15,000 places.

Unlike other countries that provide scholarship to study in Europe in the form of earmarked funding, the government scholarship in Russia implies the provision of a state-funded spot in the institution and small monthly payments to compensate for the student’s expenses.

With the scholarship from the Russian Government, a foreign student will get:

  •  Free of charge education in the chosen university for the entire study period

  • Regular (monthly) scholarship of about 25 dollars, regardless of the academic achievement level

  • Place in the university residence (if any).

Expenditures on accommodation, food and voluntary health insurance are not covered by the scholarship, the student must cover them on his/her own.

A national of any State going to get education in Russian universities can apply for the Russian Government scholarship. The competitive selection is arranged through Rossotrudnichestvo, its representative office or through the Russian Embassy.

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Benefits for Students

All students of Russian universities are entitled to discounts.

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Try to go beyond the stereotypes: Russia is not a frozen wasteland and the climate differs from region to region.

Learning Russian

Learning Russian from scratch: where and how.

How to Get a Government Scholarship in Russia

To get a government scholarship in the Russian university, an applicant has to:

  • Get information about the availability of state-funded places from the Rossotrudnichestvo representative or at the Embassy of Russia;

  • Register on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and submit a preliminary application form indicating the personal data, the level of education, the level of proficiency in Russian and the desired field of study;

  • To pass the test upon receiving the invitation;

  • Becoming a candidate, to prepare and submit to the Rossotrudnichestvo representative on paper or independently make a form on the site, notarized copies of the necessary documents listed on the site Rossotrudnichestvo.

If the level of Russian command does not allow studying in the selected fields, the applicant shall be enlisted to the University to the preparatory department, and shall study the language and some general education disciplines within a year.

Upon successful passing the exams the student continues studying in the selected field. If the student fails the exams, the right to free education shall be lost. Further education will be possible only under a contract.

Applying for the Russian Government scholarship, a foreign applicant can choose no more than 6 universities, considering that no more than three universities can be selected in one region.

In Moscow or St. Petersburg, one may choose no more than 2 universities. Firstly you need to specify the preferred university, for example – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and then the others, as preferences decrease.

Confirmation of foreign student enrolment and granting the Russian Government scholarship will be provided by the Rossotrudnichestvo or the Russian Embassy representative. Further instructions on registration of documents and entry to Russia to study may also be obtained from such representative.


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