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Study in European Countries without IELTS

Study in European Countries without IELTS
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IELTS is a test to confirm the English level. The certificate issued on its results is recognized in all countries of the world. Some universities use IELTS results to estimate one’s language level and some are not.

Study in Europe and Russia

When enrolling at the European universities, the non-English speaking students must provide an IELTS certificate confirming their English language proficiency. The level of knowledge ranking is based on a nine-point scale. The passing rate is determined by educational institution and can’t be equal for different fields. In other word, if you didn’t get 9 points, it does not mean you unable to enroll. Study in Europe without IELTS is available only to students with English as native.

Russian universities normally have similar to Europe entry requirements to the language skills: if you want to study at a state language – you should be fluent in this language. The point is that in Russia English is not main, so IELTS can’t be asked in base. But some universities, provide English-taught programmes for international students, require curtain language skills proved with IELTS certificate.

So, if you’re not English native but programme you need is teaching in English, you should ask university international department stuff about entry requirements first. Create a personal account on our web and you will be able to connect universities directly.

A lot of Russian universities offer programmes in English. Different spheres and degrees allow applicant to choose not only directions, but location, form of study, additional programmes and training or practice options too. You can specify interested programmes here and find Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and higher stages programmes with no IELTS conditions.

Alternative Way to Study in Russia

Study in Europe without IELTS is not possible for non-English natives. But in Russia you can study in state language (Russian) even if you have no any skills at the beginning. If knowledge is not enough, take the courses at the Preparatory Department. Its arranged by all major universities for help international applicants involve educational environment and study language and basic disciplines that are needed to enrol.

The duration of preparatory training in all universities is different. The classic version is 9-month training divided into two semesters. The first is devoted to an in-depth study of the Russian language, and during the second, the study is conducted in Russian on the main core subjects that will be needed further on.

For example, Tyumen and South Ural Universities offer a choice of four profiles – economic, technical, humanitarian and natural science. FEFU and MSMU have a special training programme for medical students.

The cost depends on the duration, programme and university. On average, it amounts to $1000 to $2670. After Preparative Courses applicants are free to choose University, and even can move another city to continue education. Besides, non-English speaking international students study English as foreign. If they wish, they can take an advanced course and subsequently pass the IELTS test at certified institutions.

One more way to increase language – short or summer courses. You can depth in Russian with those period (1-3 weeks), but can get basic knowledge about Russian grammar, reading and pronunciation. Also you’ll visit some sightseen and get interesting facts about culture, traditions and education system for sure. Short courses could be very helpful for CIS countries applicants whom need to organize and systemize language skills and might be a good star for any foreigner to study in Russia.

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