Study in Europe

Study in Europe

European universities are considered the world’s best by the quality of education and the resources that the students use. In regular annual rankings, universities and institutes of European countries take the best positions and attract applicants from all over the world.

Not only the student body in these universities is international, many institutions invite foreign professors to exchange scientific and methodological experience. In addition, study in Europe is cheaper than in the USA, and the cost of living is available to citizens of many states.

Russian universities operate according to the rules of the Bologna process, which imposes unified standards and requirements in vocational education. The level of training and academic degrees correspond to similar educational institutions in other European countries, while study in Russia has many benefits:

  • the state annually allocates scholarships for international students’ education – it gives the opportunity to obtain a profession or improve the level of training for free;
  • the cost of living is less in Russia than in many European countries, and accommodation costs can be reduced if you live in the student dormitory. It’s more affordable than renting a private apartment;
  • Russia has an extensive base to get fundamental education, the most comprehensive world programmes for studying natural, physical and mathematical sciences;
  • educational programmes of different levels for foreigners are available in universities throughout the country, so you can choose a city in any region;
  • foreigners in Russian universities are offered a preparatory course for vocational education. It includes the Russian language programme, so it would be easier to study further;
  • for those who could not or did not have time to learn Russian, universities offer programmes with teaching in English, which is used worldwide as an international language.

Russian universities have short term programmes to study certain disciplines and improve one’s skills. Any applicant can participate in them, even if you already got a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in another country.


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