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Study in Russia from India

Study in Russia from India

Many applicants from India choose Russia as a country for study. Find out what attracts them most of all.

International students can apply to 896 universities in 85 regions of Russia. Here are some profits of study in Russia from India:

  • High level education with affordable tuition fee;
  • Many programmes and specializations;
  • A chance to study in English;
  • The potential to get Russian Government scholarship and to study free of charge.

A big plus for Indian graduates it’s not needed to legalize the diploma. A bilateral treaty was concluded between Russia and India to abolish this procedure, the Russian document on higher education is automatically recognized by all Indian institutions.

Some of the Indian applicants make a choice in favour of Moscow universities. However, study and life in the capital are a bit expensive than in the regions. Education in universities in other cities will be more reasonably priced.

Foreign students who choose IT specialization and math are welcomed in ITMO University, TSU, SibFU and other. Students from India can find medical specialties in many Russian universities. The best of them are:

  • MSMU provides education programmes for the students from everywhere. The main university objective is to prepare professional physicians for the Russian and foreign health care. There are over 100 educational programmes for foreigners.
  • Institute for Medicine RUDN University offers foreign applicants several educational programmes at 5 following faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Management. The students can get the second diploma Translator/Interpreter in the professional communication.
  • The school of Biomedecine in FEFU. Today the School includes 11 departments with 5 undergraduate programmes, 4 specialties and 7 Master's degree programmes. Med students have a unique way to complement their study process with practical classes in modern Medical Center. Master's Degree Programmes are being taught in English. There are several preparatory programmes for the foreign applicants.
  • IKBFU – training is in Russian; therefore the university has a preparatory course for foreign students with profound study of the Russian language and basic educational disciplines in Russian;

Life in Russia

Challenges for Indian students include:

  • The climate. Russia is a big country, thereby it's no wonder that the weather in different areas varies a lot. Therefore, a significant country territory is in a temperate climatic zone, so Indian applicants should feel comfortable;
  • Unusual food. Russian cuisine is different from Indian, but in every student residence there are kitchen areas where students can cook the usual dishes. For the first time you can bring the necessary sauces and condiments or any canned products. But in general, in every city you can buy goods from any world country or order them from the online store;
  • Traditions are just as different, but all the international students note that Russian people are benevolent and always ready to help and support.

Here you can read some reviews of foreign students about studying and living in Russia.

The living cost in Russian Federation for Indian students is reasonable. On average, different costs per month amount to $300-400. Learn more about life in Russia.

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