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Degrees Offered to Study in Russia without IELTS

Degrees Offered to Study in Russia without IELTS

Study in Russia without IELTS is possible. Russian universities do not restrict students in the choice of language of instructions, offer preparatory Russian courses for those who do not know English and cannot study in it.

Usually IELTS is required for admission to European universities, it consists of 4 blocks, based on which the overall score is provided. If you failed this test or the score was lower than that required for admission to the university, you would have to wait for the next attempt. There are other requirements in Russian universities.

Universities and Programmes

Russian universities strive to popularize the domestic higher education, therefore any artificial barriers are superfluous. International students are equal in their rights for education with citizens in Russia. Basically, language of instruction is Russian as State language, and its legal provision in the any country of the world.

Major universities in Russia have English-teaching programmes. For entering IELTS could be needed as far as university makes their own requirements to applicants. IELTS might guarantee that not English-native student got enough language skills for obtain the programme. Specify documents list in the university you’re going to apply. Russian universities have Bachelors, Master’s and other Degree’s programmes in English. To find them use our search form and chose the language you need.

Benefits of English-teaching Programmes Are:

  • Availability to English-speaking students;
  • No preparative language courses needed;
  • Reasonable price.

In comparison to USA and Europe, tuition fee in Russia is lower, even you have to spent for living abroad. For example, General Medicine starts form $1400 (IKBFU) per year, Computer Systems in MEPhl costs $1516 per semester. More programmes are here.

One more way to study in Russia without IELTS is take Russian-language programme. They are available for all disciplines and directions and give you opportunity to get education on free-tuition base. If you didn’t got scholarship, you can apply for fee-based education. But both type needs language. To get the skill or improve you initial knowledge you may enter Preparatory Department courses. They are provide by all major universities and lasts in general for 1 year. Courses include language and basic disciplines study for help you to enroll.

Sing up for website to check all the programmes and contact to university directly. You will get answers and relative help for making right choice.

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