MBA Marketing in Russia

MBA Marketing in Russia

MBA in Russia and everything that relates in some or other way to business administration is a rapidly developing field of knowledge.

The main focus of the MBA Marketing programme is to prepare senior administrators, to ensure career advancement of specialists with higher education in other fields and training in modern marketing and sales techniques in selected fields.

Study in Russia (MBA – Master of Business Administration or any other today’s specialty related to business and business administration) gives a student not only practical skills but a serious theoretical basis as well. For teaching business consultants, heads of organizational units and enterprises, persons working in the field of finance and professionals of international marketing are engaged. Due to that, you will be able to promptly adapt to almost any work conditions regardless of their complexity.

Russian MBA Marketing Studies Advantages:

  • Obtaining MBA, as all other business administration degrees, is more cheaper in Russia and its offered in Major State Universities mainly, that means quality if high education. In Europe community college MBA courses cost starts from USD 120 000 for all period (2 years), in the USA – form USD 170 000;
  • In USA and Europe language of instruction is English or State language of the country. Both Language certificate required. Language courses very expensive too. Russian University provide Russian-language courses and offer language Courses for reasonable price (from USD 1500 per academic year). TOEFL or ELITS are not always needed for courses in English, specify it using your personal account at the university directly;
  • Russia has it’s own economic way and not similar global cooperation with other countries. For whom going to work at join entertainment, make private business with Russia or going to take key position in the Public and Government Service it better to get business environment identity form the “first-hand”.

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Benefits for Students

All students of Russian universities are entitled to discounts.

Weather in Russia

Try to go beyond the stereotypes: Russia is not a frozen wasteland and the climate differs from region to region.

Learning Russian

Learning Russian from scratch: where and how.

Recommended Universities

MBA marketing is available at the RUDN University Institute of World Economy and Business). Students learn not only basic and professional subjects but also two foreign languages, with Russian, English and Spanish being the languages of instruction. Graduates receive two state-recognized diplomas (one of them for the language programme). Also you can specify MBA programmes at the UrFU, HSE and all Top Russian Educational Foundation. Please sign in here and you will be able to send the request to the best state Russian universities.


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