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Study Medicine in Russia

Study Medicine in Russia

Study medicine in Russia is popular with foreigners since Soviet times thanks to the high level of education, a wide variety of programmes and an opportunity to pass an internship at leading hospitals and clinics.

Another compelling argument for Russian education is financial: the Russian state medical university fee for international students and Russian citizens does not differ much, whereas in Europe the tuition fee is higher for the foreigners. High quality of the education in combination with a low cost makes it attractive. Finally, study in Russia is considered prestigious in the world. A specialist who has studied medicine in Moscow or any other major Russian city is in demand and can successfully find a job.

Universities Terms and Programmes

There are many educational programmes for international students who want to study Clinical Medicine in Russia. For making a correct choice you should know that:

  • Bachelor’s Degree is provided for Nursing only, education duration is 4 years;
  • Students in Stomatology, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology get Specialist’s Degree, duration is 5-6 years;
  • Medical Residency allows you to get narrow specialization like Gastroenterologists, Orthodontists, Pediatrics, duration is 2-4 years;
  • Postgraduate Course takes 3 years, allows to deepen one’s knowledge in chosen speciality or to get a new specialisation in related field.

Study MBBS in Russia benefits:

  • It cheaper than in Europe or USA;
  • Universities are located throughout the country – you can study one that is close to the country of your residence;
  • All medicine fields are available – from the general medicine to geriatrics, radiology etc;
  • If you are fond of the scientific work and are planning to write the dissertation, you can choose from variety of postgraduate courses or continue working in your university.

Here are some programmes examples:

  • Medical courses devoted to the study of such popular specialty like Dentistry, are offered by several universities. In particular, it can be studied at the Kazan Federal University or RUDN University. After 5 years of study the graduate will be able to achieve his true potential.
  • Medical Biophysics and Medical Biochemistry are also popular ones. Many universities offer such programmes, here you can choose what suits you.
  • Aerospace Medicine is offered at the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov. It is designed for the people who already have higher medical education. Training process is practically oriented. Students can work in the clinics with modern equipment and use advanced technologies during the study. Duration of training is 2 years. Teaching is conducted in Russian.
  • Ophthalmology programme at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia trains specialists capable of providing both urgent and highly qualified medical assistance. The course lasts for 2 years, teaching in medium English and Russian.
  • At the Novosibirsk State University the Dermatovenereology programme is offered. Teaching is in English; the programme duration is 2 years.

Tuition fee differs for the universities and educational programmes. Study medicine in Moscow is a popular option, but it’s recommended to check universities in other cities too. You can compare field of study, course duration and teaching language and tuition fees. Particularly, MBBS cost (nursing) starts from USD 1830, Specialists Degree is from USD 1400 and up to USD 7000 per year. You can check it here. Full list of programmes and it’s details can be found using the search form on our website.