Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology Education in Russia

Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology Education in Russia

Nanotechnology and any other similar fields of study (e.g., microsystem technology) in Russia are presented in several universities.

Nanotechnologies are used for:

  • Elements nanoelectronics and nanophotonics elements manufacturing (semiconductor transistors and lasers, photodetectors; solar elements, sensors);
  • Telecommunication, information and computing technologies & supercomputers development;
  • Video equipment – flat screens, monitors, video projectors produsing;
  • Creating fuel elements and energy storage devices;
  • Micro and nanomechanics devices, including nanorobots;
  • Aviation, space and defensive applications projecting;
  • Biomechanics; genomics; bioinformatics, biotools research;
  • Agriculture and foodstuff production safety systems creation.

Tuition fee starts from RUB 175,000 (USD 2 920), for citizens of the CIS countries – from RUB 145,000/USD 2400, this is cheaper that studying under similar programmes abroad.

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Specialized universities:

  • RUDN University – offers 2 years Master’s degree programme Nanotechnologies, tuition fee is USD 3500 per year. Programme include biomedical and pharmaceutical technologies courses with major part nanotechnology studies which can be used for get job in pharmaceutical companies, research institutes etc.;
  • ETU "LETI" has Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Tuition fee is about USD 3500-4000, direction is Nanotechnology and Microsystems Engineering. Offered for students interested in creating and producing devises and applications of nanodiagnostics methods and processes;
  • Master’s Degree in MISIS available to study in English. Nanotechnology and Materials for Nano and Microsystems programme gives knowledge in 3 basic field: production technology of nanomaterials and methods of structural characterization; physical properties of micro components and nano equipment. 

All programmes and universities in other cities can be specified here.

Possibility of choosing a university and education programme in Russia, as well as sending an application to the selected universities is available to international students.


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