Nursing Education in Russia

Nursing Education in Russia

Nursing education in Russia allows foreign applicants to get higher education and to enter the labor market being an in-demand professional with a wide range of competences.

As the medicine develops, staff requirements are turning stricter. Nursing education gives an opportunity to work both in the field of practical medicine and in administrative positions or in the scientific domain.

Tuition Fees in the Largest State Universities

Programmes for study nursing are offered by the key Russian universities: RUDN and MSMU, the participants of Project 5-100, which are carefully selected. Membership in the project indicates high quality of education provided by the institution, and high competitiveness of its graduates.

Upon completion of the nursing education in Russia graduates get a Bachelor’s degree; the course is 4 years long. It is the shortest medical programme, other courses usually last 6 years.

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Practice in the Spotlight

RUDN University offers several Nursing programmes. Under the training, students get theoretical and practical knowledge which make it easy to adapt in the professional environment, including outside of Russia. Such discipline as “International Relations in Nursing” acquaints students with the features of the work of nurses in different countries of the world, the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the trade unions. Not only medical, but also social, ethical and psychological aspects of the work of nurses are studied within the discipline of “Special Care Arrangement”.

The university has developed an advanced training system based on the computer and telecommunications technologies, clinical laboratories are equipped with the latest technology. Great emphasis is placed on practice – 72 hours are dedicated to such classes. Students work in the best Moscow multidisciplinary clinics and as a result receive extensive practical knowledge in preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation activities.

The Nursing programme at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University also focuses on practice. Students master nursing technology and management. In the educational process the system of imitating care based on Moscow hospitals is actively used. The course provides an opportunity to simultaneously master one or more specialties, as well as to continue further professional training in the future.

Detailed information of the nursing education programmes in Russia, conditions of admission and studying are available on the website.


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