Pharmacy Education in Russia

Pharmacy Education in Russia

The profession of a pharmacist is considered the second most prestigious after the profession of a doctor.

A specialist with higher education knows exact pharmacologic effect of every medicine, can produce and investigate it. Studying pharmacy in Russia is in demand among international students, as:

  • There is a wide variety of educational programmes in the best state universities;
  • You can select the language of instruction;
  • The tuition fee is reasonable.

Study medicine in Russia is 6 years. Pharmacy is a bit shorter – 5 or 5.5 years only.

Universities and Programmes

Each programme in pharmacy implies that the student will get sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge in the selected study field. In addition to comprehensive Pharmacy courses there is an opportunity to choose such areas as:

  • Social and Administrative Pharmacy;
  • Standardization and Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals;
  • Drugs Technology: Biopharmacy.

You can choose Pharmacy programmes which offers best state Russian universities using this form. The Russian higher education institutions have strong traditions of international courses. For example, in RUDN University first international students have enrolled on medical faculty in 1961. Now RUDN offers different medical programmes, including the directions in Pharmacy:

  • Social and Adaptive Pharmacy;
  • Standardization and Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals;
  • Drugs Technology: Biopharmacy;
  • As well as two Pharmacy courses, intended for 5 years and for 3 years.

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Teaching under the Social and Administrative Pharmacy programme is in English. Students get knowledge on the methodology of pharmaceutical research, including organizational and economic ones, on management and design of pharmacy organizations, technology of management decision-making, development of business plans, marketing basics, etc. Upon the programme completion the graduate gets wide employment opportunities both in Russian and foreign companies engaged in the manufacturing and sale of medicines.

The Pharmacy programme at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University trains pharmacists who carries out their independent activities. The study is designed with an emphasis on practice. Students use modern laboratories, simulation technology is applied during practice. Graduates have broad prospectives both in Russian and international organizations carrying out control over the pharmaceutical industry, working in the field of health, in professional associations of pharmacists.

At Kazan Federal University, under the Pharmacy programme, specialists in the sphere of drug circulation are educated. Upon completion of the pharmacy study in Russia a graduate can engage in both pharmaceutical and management or scientific activity. Teaching is conducted in Russian and English, the duration is 5 years.

More details on the programmes, timing, cost and conditions of study can be found on our website using the search engine. Also here you can apply for admission to the chosen university.


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