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Political Science Master's Degrees in Russia

Political Science Master's Degrees in Russia
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Master’s degree in political science in Russia is very interesting and perspective direction for international students. Taking programmes in Russian universities, you will obtain real knowledge about political strategy in Russia, its priorities and problems and became a high-qualified employee with international political, negotiations and even language skills if you choose education programme in Russian.

Study in Political Sciences and Regional Studies specialty abroad will require significant financial expenses. And if you are interested in gaining a Master’s degree, such expenses may be beyond your capabilities. In Russia you may gain a Master’s Degree In Political Science in Russia with more reasonable price.

Universities and Programmes

Major universities provide Political Science Master’s are HSE, RUDN, FEFU, SUSU, KFU and others. Programmes can be taken in English and Russian and have next basic terms:

  • Duration: 2-2.5 years.
  • Form: intramural, part-time.
  • Tuition fee: RUB 170,000 – 290,000/USD2800-5000.

Programmes Examples

  • Globalization and Conflicts. Joint programme with Beijing University of Foreign Languages, CN), RUDN. Programme based on study international relations theory, foreign policy targeting, business communication principles and, diplomatic ceremonial. Also studying Chinese. Graduators can work as international expert or analyst, lawyer, manager, journalist;
  • European and Asian Studies, HSE. This programme include 2 specialization: Asian and European Studies. Focused on increase interaction within the economy and politics in global cooperation;
  • Political Communications, TSU. Programme can be taken after complete Bachelor’s in political science, regional and global studies, media studies, psychology. Include studying of political planning, religion and language conflicts, foreign cooperation, national assimilation etc. Students due practical classes communicate with news agencies, media and PR bureau from Russia and Europe.

Need to Know

Programmes in Russian are more variety and cheap. Preparatory Department offer pre-educational courses for Master’s programmes. You can choose university and terms of study (period, tuition fee, language classes, profile disciplines) and get strong base for study abroad in Russian. To find all programmes use our search form or create a personal account to e-mail universities directly.

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