Psychology Education in Russia

Psychology Education in Russia

Psychology in Russia as a science began to form back in the middle of 19th century. Now psychology is among the most popular fields of study.

In 1885, the first laboratory of the experimental psychology in the Kazan University was established. A huge contribution to the world science advancement was made by Vladimir Bekhterev, Ivan Sechenov, Sergey Rubinstein, Lev Vygotsky, Alexei Leontev, Alexander Luria and other Russian and Soviet psychologists.

Higher Psychology Education in Russia

Russia signed the Bologna Declaration in 2003, harmonized the education system with the uniform European standards. Studying psychology in the universities has a multilevel model:

  • Bachelor’s degree, 4 years;
  • Master’s degree, 2-2.5 years;
  • Doctorate, 3 years.

Specialization and sciences study begin at the last undergraduate years.

Fields of Study

Studying psychology in Russia is represented by a big variety of educational programmes, covering various subject fields. Universities invite foreign students to take courses in the following areas:

  • General, clinical, social psychology;
  • Cognitive sciences;
  • Personology, consulting;
  • Conflictology;
  • Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy;
  • Integrative technologies;
  • Psychology in business, etc.

Different forms of study are available: Extramural, Full-Time, Part-Time and Distance Learning.

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Universities and Programmes

Here are several universities where you can get psychology education:

  • HSE University (Moscow);
  • MSMU (Moscow);
  • RUDN University (Moscow);
  • KFU (Kazan);
  • UrFU (Ekaterinburg);
  • FEFU (Vladivostok), and others.

At the RUDN University you can complete a 4-year Bachelor's degree course in Psychology. The programme includes the study of newest achievements in psychology, psychodiagnostic methods, psychocorrection and research. Students are offered 75% of compulsory subjects and 25% of subjects of choice. You can continue your studies to get Master's degree.

Far Eastern Federal University offers a Bachelor's degree in psychological sciences in Conflict Resolution Studies. Students study interethnic, econometric, international conflictology, political science. Students are taught 2 foreign languages, a further educational attainment is considered.

Kazan Federal University has developed a programme to study the general foundations of psychology and personality psychology. During the study students get knowledge base for working in the field of psychotherapy, counseling, correction, management. Getting a Bachelor's degree will take 4 years, further study under the Master's programme is 2 years.

The complete catalogue of Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral psychology programmes are in this section. After selecting a programme, please sign in here. And you will be able to send an application directly to the state Russian universities, it is free. They will answer you within 10 days.


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