Best Courses in Russian Literature

Best Courses in Russian Literature

Russia is the homeland of such geniuses writers as Fedor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Michael Bulgakov and others. If you are interested in literature, come to study at a Russian university

The works of Russian classics are distinguished by artistic versatility, depths of the issues concerned; young authors, philosophers, filmmakers draw inspiration from them. Study of the Russian literature in Russia gives the opportunity to get basic theoretical knowledge, reveal all the wealth of the cultural heritage of the largest country and explore modern trends.

Programmes for Foreign Students

Students from near and far abroad are invited to Russian universities to study Russian literature under Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programmes.

Popular courses:

  • Russian Philology (Russian Language and Culture) (IKBFU, Kaliningrad). Classical basic programme to study philology to prepare for Master's degree, postgraduate study, work in the education field.
  • Russian Language, Literature, Culture (for international students) (NSU, Novosibirsk). Innovative interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programme, including courses in linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies. The aim of the course is to train professional Russian philologists teaching the Russian language and literature in other countries, working in media, major research centers, and travel agencies.
  • Russian Literature and its European Context (TSU, Tomsk). Master's programme focused on thorough study of the history of Russian literature as part of the world cultural heritage. Research topics are timeless images in the intercultural dialogue, the life of Russian poets abroad, traditions of sentimentalism in the Russian literature.
  • Philology (NSU, Novosibirsk). Modern Master’s programme for training research philologists, employees of publishing houses, media, teachers in secondary and higher education institutions.
  • Russian Literature (joint programme of RUDN and KazNU). Research programme of postgraduate studies, comprising lectures on history, philosophy of science, higher school pedagogy, teaching methods. Implemented jointly with partners from Kazakhstan (Al Farabi Kazakh National University).
  • Foreign Literature (RUDN University, Moscow). An exciting course for foreign students, including the study of Russian as a foreign language, history, characteristics of literature of different countries, participation in research seminars. It’s a postgraduate study.
  • Comparative Historical, Typological and Comparative Linguistics (RUDN University, Moscow). The programme provides classes on the history, analysis of the pieces of art, study of features of Russian and foreign writers’ works, the impact of literature on the formation of spiritual values of the society. Postgraduate.

Here you can find other courses in the field of philology, literature and apply to the university you are interested in.

Study in English

You can study in Russia without knowing Russian language. The studies are in English.

Preparatory Department for Foreigners

How to learn Russian and enter university.

Cost of Education in Russia

Tuition fees in Russian university for foreigners.


How to obtain a scholarship and study for free.


Foreign students are invited by the universities having high positions in the QS, Times Higher Education rankings:

  • RUDN University (Moscow);
  • IKBFU (Kaliningrad);
  • TSU (Tomsk);
  • NSU (Novosibirsk);
  • Samara University (Samara);
  • HSE University (Moscow).

You can see a full list of universities in different Russian cities, consider programmes, requirements to admission and study in specific institutions on our website.


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