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Sociology Education in Russia

Sociology Education in Russia
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Studying sociology in Russia will allow foreign students to get a diploma helping to find employment both in our country and abroad.

Sociology studies the society development patterns, the processes that influence future a lot, the relationship between social groups, the connections and contradictions between them.

Where to Study: from Moscow to Vladivostok

There are about 50 programmes on our website to study sociology in general and in its more specific fields. For example:

  • Demography;
  • Innovation and Society: Science, Technology, Medicine;
  • Complex Social Analysis;
  • Organization of Work with Youth;
  • Applied Methods of Social Analysis of Markets;
  • Contemporary Social Technologies in Youth Work, etc.

Universities recommended for admission:

  • Higher School of Economics in Moscow;
  • Lobachevsky University (Nizhny Novgorod);
  • Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok);
  • University of Tyumen, etc.

A Synthesis of Theory and Practice

Under the Demography programme, the Higher School of Economics trains professionals with a broad knowledge in the population development, who know the methods of situation analysis and forecasting and can utilize this knowledge in their activities. The course takes 2 years, study is in Russian. Graduates can work both in public administration and academic organizations in future, in the HR departments, marketing and consulting services in Russia and abroad.

In the University of Tyumen bachelors are trained in Sociology. The study duration is 4 years. Educational profiles – "Economic Sociology" and "Social Theory and Applied Social Knowledge". After the Bachelor's degree, you can choose a Master's degree course with the "Economic Sociology and Demography" or "Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes" specializations.

The entire programmes list, their content, the tuition fee and study conditions are searchable through the website search form. Here you can apply for admission to the university of your choice.

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