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Summer Schools 2019: Russian Language and Culture

Summer Schools 2019
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How to make the most of your holidays.

Summer schools are a popular mode of study and an opportunity to gain new knowledge, relax, make new acquaintances and see places of interest. They are also a good option for those who consider Russia as a study destination; prospective students can take a short programme at a Russian university to see everything with their own eyes and make a decision. Summer schools offer one- to four-week programmes; tuition fees differ but they are usually affordable; some of the short programmes are free. As a rule, the university offers dormitory places to summer school students; the other housing options are host families and hotels.

Summer schools address various topics; the most popular are Russian language and culture. Programmes are customised for groups of different levels, from beginner to advanced. Following are some of the programmes:

How to get into summer school

To apply to a summer school, choose the programme, create a personal account and write to the university designating your summer school. University staff will reply to you within ten days.

Russian as a Foreign Language Summer Course

University: Siberian Federal University (SibFU)

City: Krasnoyarsk

Period of study: 1 July – 31 August

Application deadline: 31 May

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee: 35,000 rubles (only covers education programme; travel costs, accommodation, meals and entertainment not included).

Contacts: admission@sfu-kras.ru

The programme is intended for international learners of Russian. Age, education or level of knowledge do not matter (groups are formed according to their proficiency). The course includes language learning from scratch or more advanced study as well as immersion in the Krasnoyarsk territory culture. Students are offered a Krasnoyarsk tour and visits to the Zoo, the Stolby Nature Reserve, the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power plant, theatres and cinemas.


Summer Russian Language and Culture School

University: Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (KFU)

City: Kazan

Period of study: 1–12 July

Application deadline: Send your application six to eight weeks before the start of the programme if you need a visa.

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee: education programme – 25,000 rubles, accommodation at dormitory – upwards of 515 rubles (if places are available) or host family (negotiable), medical insurance (depends on insurer’s choice), sightseeing tours not included.

Contacts: admission@kpfu.rugulnara2018@kpfu.ru 

The course is designed for learners of Russian as a foreign language (Level B1-B2). It is focused on speaking skills, reading, listening comprehension, grammar and phonetics; there’s also a special course in regional studies and Russian literature and culture. Students will tour Kazan, the city Kremlin, the Old Tatar Sloboda (neighbourhood), the Konstantin Vasilyev Centre of the Slavic Culture, the Hermitage Kazan Exhibition Centre, the Soviet Lifestyle Museum and the Museum of Happy Childhood. Meetings will Russian students, themed parties and contests will be arranged.


Russian Language and Culture Summer School "Siberian Holidays”

University: National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU)

City: Tomsk

Period of study: 15 July – 2 August and 5 August – 30 August

Application deadline: 31 May

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee: education programme – 30,000 rubles, application fee – 75 euros (paid in rubles); cultural programme – about 6,000 rubles, accommodation fee – 3,600 rubles (single occupancy), 2,600 ruble (double occupancy).

Contacts: omrs@tpu.ru, korotkova@tpu.ru

More information on the summer school 

The school targets foreign nationals who plan to improve their proficiency in Russian or want to start learning from scratch. They will learn about Russian traditions, culture, literature, history, folklore and life in Siberia. The school guarantees immersion in the Russian language environment.


Intensive Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture

University: Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU)

City: Kaliningrad

Period of study: 29 July – 23 August

Application deadline: 1 May

Language of instruction: Russian, English

Tuition fee: 50,000 rubles (covers education programme, study materials, dormitory accommodation, campus, city and Kaliningrad region tours, tutor support).

Contacts: international-study@kantiana.ru

More information on the summer school 

The school is designed for students with different proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced. Course objective: quick and effective training in everyday Russian. In addition to the language course, the participants will connect with Russian culture and attend lectures in Russian history, literature and culture. In their free time, students can tour places of interest in Kaliningrad (founded in 1255), visit the Curonian Spit National Park and sunbathe on Baltic Sea beaches.


International Summer School “The Russian Summer”

University: National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (Lobachevsky University)

City: Nizhny Novgorod

Period of study: 9–23 July

Application deadline: 20 June for EU residents; 21 May for residents of other countries.

Language of instruction: Russian, English

Tuition fee: 35,000 rubles

Contacts: admissions@unn.ru

More information on the summer school 

The summer school targets students who wish to learn more about Russia. The intensive Russian language course is customised for small groups of different proficiency levels. Teachers will engage students in work on theme projects, discussions and games. A creative atmosphere and a busy cultural programme help the summer school participants improve their knowledge of Russian and gain a better insight into Russian culture and history.

© UrFU

Summer School “Russian Culture”

University: Samara National Research University (Samara University)

City: Samara

Period of study: 9–20 August

Application deadline: 31 May

Language of instruction: English

Tuition fee: $500

Contacts: summer@ssau.ru

More information on the summer school 

The Russian language course is designed for beginner to advanced level groups. Special attention is paid to cultural aspects, Russian business specifics and master classes in negotiations with Russian partners. Students will visit museums and theatres, see shows, taste traditional Russian dishes and take part in master-classes in souvenir making. The school participants get four ECTS credits upon programme completion.


Summer School “Russian Language and Culture”

University: Ural Federal University  (UrFU)

City: Yekaterinburg

Period of study: 22 July – 9 August

Application deadline: 15 May for EU residents; 2 April for residents of other countries.

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee: $1,200 (covers arrival/departure airport transfer, lectures, practice, accommodation, lunch, souvenirs, certificate).

Contacts: application@urfu.ru

More information on the summer school 

The programme targets those who are interested in Russia, its history, culture and language. The linguistic module is focused on the study of the Russian alphabet, written Russian, listening comprehension and basic vocabulary. The cultural module will introduce students to Russian traditions, festivals, lifestyle, outstanding personalities, game-changing inventions and the cultural life of Yekaterinburg. Students get four ECTS credits upon course completion.


Russian Language and Culture Summer School

University: South Ural State University (SUSU)

City: Chelyabinsk

Period of study: July – August

Application closing date: mid-June

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee: 570 euros (education programme, accommodation, registration fee, cultural and entertainment programme).

Contacts: vasilevatv@susu.ru; sanochkinadv@susu.ru

Applicants take a test to be grouped according to language proficiency level. Students can take an examination at the end of the course to get an international TRKI certificate confirming a proficiency level in Russian. Active recreation includes walking tours, Ural highland nature study, rafting, mountain biking, horse riding, walking and angling as well as sightseeing tours and cooking master classes.

ТГУ_2485_новый размер.jpg

Summer School of Intensive Russian

University: National Research Tomsk State University (TSU)

City: Tomsk

Period of study: 17 June – 5 July

Application deadline: 25 March

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee: 51,000 rubles (education programme, inbound/outbound airport transfer, cultural programme, study materials, coffer breaks, accommodation).

Contacts: studentcenter@ums.tsu.ru, tsusummerschool@mail.ru

More information on the summer school 

The programme is offered to humanities and natural sciences students with Russian language proficiency at A2 – B1. It is focused on grammar studies, intensive spoken and written Russian and pronunciation practice, as well as on the culture and history of Russian Siberia. Entertainment includes visits to museums, the tours “Multi-Ethnic Tomsk” and “Tomsk Wooden Lace”, visits to Botanical Garden (the oldest beyond the Urals) and the puppet theatre, classical, Russian folk and modern music concerts and countryside picnics.

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