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SUSU: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019

SUSU: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019

South Ural State University is located in Chelyabinsk on the border between the Ural region and Siberia. It provides education in engineering, natural sciences and humanities. SUSU offers foreign nationals English medium programmes.

When can prospective international students apply?

Application deadline is 1 August. To apply, create a personal account and write to the university. You will get a reply within ten days.

What documents do foreign nationals have to submit for undergraduate/graduate studies?

Document requirements:

  1. Copy of passport.

  2. Copy of education document (secondary school certificate is required of prospective undergraduate students; graduate studies applicants have to show their bachelor’s degree).

  3. A Russian medium programme applicant who has not completed a SUSU foundation course requires a certificate confirming pre-university training at some other university. If they cannot produce such document, they have to take a test in Russian as a foreign language.

What programmes in English are available at UT?

The university attaches much significance to English medium studies in order to attract international applicants; in 2019, SUSU launched one new undergraduate and six graduate programmes.

English-taught programmes:

Bachelor’s degree: Mechatronics

Master’s degree:

  • Database Technology.

  • Heat and Power Engineering.

  • Power Engineering.

  • Mechatronics.

  • Commerce on the External Market of Goods of Services.

  • Strategic and Innovative Marketing.

  • Theory and Practice of the English Language.

  • Partial Differential Equations.

  • Biophotonics and Physical Methods for Living Beings.

  • Chemistry for Environmental Engineering.

  • Internet of Things Technology.

  • Welding Engineering.

  • Business Analytics.

  • Media Communications.

Use our convenient search tool to find more information about SUSU programmes.

Do I have to take an English examination for English medium programmes?

No, you don’t. An applicant’s English proficiency certificate recognised by the Admissions Board gives an edge.

Can I take entrance examinations online?

You can take an examination in Russian online using SUSU’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform.

How much are tuition fees?

Tuition fees for undergraduate programmes range from 120,000,000 to 140,000,000 rubles a year ($1,850 to $2,150), Russian-taught graduate programmes fees amount to 140,000 rubles a year ($2,150), English-taught graduate programme fees to 160,000 rubles a year ($2,460) and English-taught PhD programme fees average 310,000 rubles ($4,770) a year.

5 key SUSU advantages for prospective international students:

  • Dormitory is located next to the university.

  • Developed infrastructure with all amenities including shops, pharmacies, sport centre and hospital. Public transport stops, a park, a shopping mall, clubs, restaurants and cafes are nearby. The university is located in the city centre; a pine grove is a short way off.

  • Opportunity to engage in research at modern laboratories.

  • International environment: SUSU provides training to students from 52 countries.

  • Adaption assistance by SUSU branch of Chelyabinsk International Student Association. The university regularly marks national holidays such as Chinese New Year, Arab Spring Festival, Sinhalese New Year etc.

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