The Law on Education in Russia

The Law on Education in Russia

Receiving higher education by foreign prospective applicants in Russia is set by the Federal Law No. 273- FZ d.d. 29.12.2012. It specifies equal rights for all Russian and foreign prospective students to study Russia. Racial or ethnic identity, language, sex, health condition, residence, religion and other conditions are not important for results of competitive entering exams and the preferences in study conditions in higher education institutes.

Is It Conceivable to Get Education for Free?

The Federal Law says that foreign citizens are entitled to getting higher education or supplementary vocational education under public funds allocated by the Federal (State) funding of the Russian Federation or by regions by those local budgets accordingly to the international agreements of Russia, statutory act or the educational quota for entering to a university of foreign prospective student, as well as financed by the legal or private formations according to the agreements on the provision of fee-based education services.

Foreign students can use their right for State-funded positions according to the next documents:

  • Within the state-funded Quota (Scholarship) according to the Resolution of the Russian Government d.d. August 25, 2008 N 638. It describe principles of global cooperation in education field and processed under Rosobradzor directions. Free-tuition places can be reached in the State foundation Institutes only. Wherein, applicants can enter with no entrance tests;
  • Stating the FZ of May 24, 1999, No. 99-FZ "On State Policy of the Russian Federation with Respect to Compatriots Abroad". This law guarantee enroll possibility at State institution only. As far as private formation are free to set rules of education, some of them provide spots for foreigners to study on fee (contract)-base ;
  • Following to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia d.d. 28.07.2014 No. 844 about approval of the Selecting Procedure of foreign nation and stateless persons for studying within the relevant Government quota for study in Russia.
Work for students

How an international student can find employment legally.

Medical Education in Russia

How to apply, what is the tuition fee.

Quotas cannot be used for private colleges or educational institutions, it is granted for studying at Federal State Universities only. Quotas annual amount is 15 000. It guarantees tuition-free study, free accommodation and scholarship for foreigners. You can specify the full list of the documents concerning the rights for free studying in Russia in Embassy or Consulate in your country or in Rossotrudnichestvo.

The admission algorithm for foreign applicants to a specific university, in the aspects not governed by the Russian education law, are set by the universities. Foreign students docs are usually processed within the equal time periods as the documents of Russian students.

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