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Top 5 FEFU programmes

Top 5 FEFU programmes

FEFU is one of the oldest university in the Russian Far East. It offers over 300 main and additional educational programmes of various levels and subjects. Here are the top five among the international applicants.

  1. English-taught master's programme Russia in the Asia-Pacific: Politics, Economics, Security

  2. In this programme, students gain in-depth knowledge of Russia's international relations and foreign policy and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region (APR). The subject is read by experienced FEFU lecturers, professors from foreign universities and practising diplomats. Uncover the intricacies of the international political, economic, scientific, technical, informational, political, legal and cultural fields, learn to analyze international processes and events and develop strategies for foreign policy actions in the APR. Graduates are can look forward to broad employment and further education opportunities in the FEFU postgraduate courses.

    Direction: international relations.
    Admission exams: applicant portfolio (essays, letters of recommendation, certificates and diplomas).
    Language of instruction: English.
    Duration: 2 years.
    Result: Master's degree.

  3. English-taught bachelor programme Molecular Biotechnology

  4. Here you will study microbiology, technologies of medical laboratory diagnostics, molecular pharmacology, bioengineering, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology. From the very first years, you will be able to participate in international scientific projects of the FEFU School of Biomedicine and their Russian and foreign partners. Practical courses take place in university laboratories with the most modern equipment. After receiving a diploma, you will be recognised as a highly qualified specialist in biomedical technology and will be able to pursue a career in the fields of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, modern areas of medicine and continue your research work.

    Admission exams: test in biology and chemistry.
    Language of instruction: English.
    Duration: 4 years.
    Result: bachelor's degree.

  5. The speciality programme Mathematical Methods of Information Security

  6. This programme will teach you to identify information security threats, create efficient data protection systems and use modern encryption and decryption algorithms. You will be able to design and implement reliable information environments, develop applications using modern programming languages and databases, analyse the security of these applications and its' potential risks, investigate information security incidents, etc. After receiving your diploma, you can become a developer in cryptography, information protection, virus analytics, etc.

    computer and information sciences.
    Admission exams: mathematics, physics, Russian.
    Language of instruction: Russian.
    Duration: 5 years.
    Result: a specialist diploma.

  7. Master's programme Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

  8. After completing this programme, you will become a qualified specialist in the creation and development of devices and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. Dive in the world of applied mathematics and mathematical statistics and machine learning tools, the theory of artificial languages, acoustics, psychology. You will gain knowledge in the field of data analytics, development of intelligent software systems and skills for the small businesses improvement. Graduates of the programme can pursue careers as data scientists, systems analysts, software developers, Chief Data Officers and creators of innovative start-ups in specialized fields.

    Informatics and Computer Engineering.
    Admission exams: mathematics, physics, Russian language.
    Language of instruction: Russian.
    Duration: 2 years.
    Result: Master's degree.

    To enrol in the main programmes, you would need to provide the following documents:
    • Education document.
    • Consular legalisation of educational documents (apostille).
    • Notariry translations of the educational document into the Russian language.
    • International passport.
    • Notariry translation of the passport into the Russian language.
    • Application form for international citizens and Application Form entering FEFU.
    • Application for admission to bachelor or specialist programmes.
    • Consent to personal data processing.

  9. In addition to the main programmes, the Far Eastern Federal University offers many training programmes. The most popular is the Practical Russian.

  10. The programme is suitable for students with any level of the Russian language, including the beginners. You will be able to study grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening and prepare for the certification exam. Choose any duration for the programme that suits you best. Students must be over 18 years old to enrol.

    Admission exams if you have any level of knowledge of Russian: grammar, writing and reading tests.
    Documents required: application form and a copy of the passport. Duration: 80 to 800 hours.
    Duration: 80 to 800 hours.
    Result: certificate of completion of the course.

For over 120 years, FEFU has been preparing highly qualified specialists in various innovative fields of knowledge and industry. Apply for an educational programme вat the university and start your career in future technologies right now.
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