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Top 5 programmes of PetrSU in 2020

Top 5 programmes of PetrSU in 2020
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Petrozavodsk State University is known as the leading university in the North-West region of Russia. And rightfully so: PetrSU offers a wide range of educational programmes of different levels in a wide range of fields. Here are the top five among the international students.

  1. English-taught speciality programme "General Medicine"

  2. Basic medical training programme. Students learn about human anatomy, diseases development systems and modern treatment methods, prevention and rehabilitation measures and related disciplines. The programme is led by a talented staff, including professors and PhDs in medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences. The practical course of the programme proceeds in medical centres and hospitals in Petrozavodsk and the Republic of Karelia under the guidance of highly qualified mentors. After receiving your diploma, you can immediately start working in healthcare, or continue your studies in residency and receive more specialized education.

    Subject: clinical medicine.
    Admission exams: Russian language. Chemistry.
    Language of instruction: English.
    Duration: 6 years.
    Tuition fee: 200,000 rubles per year.
    Result: a specialist diploma.

  3. Specialty programme Pharmaceutical Science

  4. With this programme, you will be able to gain fundamental knowledge in the field of pharmacology and start a career as a pharmacist, medical representative or biopharmacologist. The chemistry study has top priority: from the general course to specialities as colloidal or analytical chemistry, toxicology, etc. You will also study various other subjects: medical and pharmaceutical commodity research, management and economics of pharmacy, biotechnology and many other aspects of the profession. In addition to the in-depth theory training, all students undergo internships based in pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses, scientific organizations, botanical gardens and other medical institutions.

    Admission exams: Russian language. Chemistry.
    Language of instruction: Russian.
    Duration: 5 years.
    Tuition fee: 187,000 rubles per year.
    Result: specialist diploma.

  5. Bachelor's programme "Physical culture for persons with disabilities (adaptive physical culture)"

  6. This program provides the necessary qualifications for working with children with disabilities, organizing and conducting classes in adaptive physical training, sports and motor rehabilitation. The programme will provide you with training in psychology and teaching, theory and methodology of both general and adaptive physical culture, sports medicine, rehabilitation and the methods of teaching various sports. Throughout the programme, students are actively involved in socially important projects and take internships at the University's Center for Adaptive Physical Culture. This course will enable you to become a teacher, a trainer, an educator or an instructor in various educational institutions and rehabilitation centres.

    physical culture and sports.
    Admission exams: Russian language. General physical education.
    Language of instruction: Russian.
    Duration:4 years.
    Tuition fee: 200,000 rubles per year.
    Result: bachelor's degree.

  7. English-taught Master's programme Tourism. Design in Tourism Industry

  8. This programme will allow you to become a professional in management and organization of services in various tourism sectors: cultural, educational, historical, religious, active, recreational, family, etc. The course also includes the study of the economic and legal aspects of the industry. After graduation, you will be able to start a career in travel agencies, tour operators, information centres, resorts and museums. The most eager students might find job prospects during the programme.

    Admission exams: Russian language. Social science.
    Language of instruction: English.
    Duration: 2 years.
    Tuition fee: 174,350 rubles per year.
    Result: Master's degree.

    Upon admission to the main programmes, you will need to provide the following documents:
    • International passport.
    • Notarised translation of the passport into Russian.
    • Original document of education with attachments.
    • Notarised translation into Russian of education certificate with all studied subjects and grades.
    • Certificate of recognition (nostrification) of the educational document (if necessary).
    • Six 3x4 cm black and white matte photographs.
    • Medical certificate 086, issued in the Russian Federation (can be acquired in Petrozavodsk).
    • Original certificate of recognition of education (if necessary).
    • Information about vaccinations (diphtheria, measles, hepatitis-B).

  9. To study programmes entirely in the Russian language applicants required to complete an additional general education course.

  10. PetrSU offers everyone wishing to enrol in bachelor's, speciality and master's degrees to undergo training in one of the educational programmes of the preparatory department. Each course includes classes in the Russian language and specialized subjects, depending on the chosen speciality.

    Training specialities:
    • Medical and biological.
    • Engineering and technological.
    • Humanitarian.
    • Economic.
    • Natural science.

    In 8 months, students will have an opportunity not only to study subjects of their choice but also learn about the Russian higher education system, participate in student life and adapt to life in a new country.

    Admission exams: none.
    Language of instruction: English, Russian.
    Duration: 8 months.
    Tuition fee: 120,000 rubles.
    Result: state certificate.

    Upon applying for these programmes, you need to provide the following documents:
    • State application form.
    • Scanned copy of your international passport.
    • A scanned copy of the education document and all attachments to it (if any).
    • Motivation letter in English.
    • Vaccination certificate (minimum list: diphtheria, measles, hepatitis B).
To become a student of PetrSU, you can create an account on our website and send an application for any programme directly to the university. Representatives will consider your application and answer all your questions free of charge within ten business days.