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Russian Engineering Universities

Russian Engineering Universities

Russian engineering universities are known for their quality of education. In engineering industrial universities in Russia you may get education for subsequent work in aviation, oil industry, metallurgy, wood processing and other industries where machinery and equipment are used.

An engineering specialist will be able not only to work bugs out of machine tools and other equipment and to set them up but also to design equipment with necessary functions required for production.

Kinds of Engineering and Fields of Application

Engineering may be conventionally divided into several groups by industry-related features. In the best engineering universities in Russia students may master occupations that are required in most diverse industries:

  • General engineering comprises manufacture of railway cars and equipment, aircraft, helicopters, vessels, rocket-and-space equipment and agricultural machinery, and manufacture of equipment for various industries;
  • Heavy engineering comprises elaboration and manufacture of equipment for metallurgy, mines, manufacture of forging presses, lifting equipment and cranes, elevators, excavating machines, and electric power generation and transmission equipment;
  • The fields of medium engineering include manufacture of motor vehicles and tractors, machine tools and other tooling of any kind, equipment for light industry and food industry, manufacture of household appliances and construction of robots;
  • Precision engineering involves elaboration and manufacture of electronic and electrical instruments such as industrial and aviation electronics, optic instruments, watch, lasers and components thereof.

In top engineering universities opportunities are provided for international students to acquire a profession in some or other industry.

Programmes of Russian Higher Education Institutions

Russian higher education institutions have a well-established base for preparation of engineering specialists. International students are invited to select a programme in any of the following universities:

  • SibFU (Krasnoyarsk);
  • TPU (Tomsk);
  • TGU (Tomsk);
  • FEFU (Vladivostok);
  • SPbPU (Saint Petersburg);
  • ITMO University (Saint Petersburg);
  • MISIS (Moscow);
  • Samara University (Samara);
  • RUDN University (Moscow);
  • UrFU (Yekaterinburg).
A detailed list of programmes and specialties is available on the website. You can sign up for studyinrussia.ru and send an application to the chosen universities. Registration and sending an application is free of charge.
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