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UrFU: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019

UrFU: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019
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Ural Federal University, one of the largest classical Russian universities, offers more than 400 programmes of different education levels. Fields of study range from metallurgy to political philosophy.

When can prospective international students apply?

Undergraduate/graduate programmes applications deadline is 15 August, 2019. Create a personal account to contact university representatives and send your application to UrFU. University staff will reply to you within ten days.

What documents do foreign nationals have to submit for undergraduate/graduate studies?

Following is the list of required documents:

  1. Passport with notarised translation into Russian.

  2. Previous education documents with notarised translation into Russian (apostilled/legalised, if necessary).

What programmes in English are available at UrFU?

UrFU has 12 English medium masters programmes:

  • Applied Informatics.

  • Information Systems and Technologies.

  • Biotechnology.

  • Business and Commerce.

  • Public Relations and Advertising.

  • Organisation and Management of Knowledge-Intensive Production.

  • Technological Machinery and Equipment.

  • Psychology.

  • Human Resources Management.

  • Management.

  • Biology.

  • Political Philosophy.

Do I have to take an English examination for English medium programmes?

Admission to English medium programmes depends on the results of the interview, conducted in English by programme supervisor. An applicant can optionally show their English proficiency certificate.

Can I take entrance examinations online?

Undergraduate studies entrance examinations are only taken online (individual computer tests); graduate studies applicants have a Skype interview.

How much are tuition fees?

Foundation programme tuition fee is 140,000 rubles ($2,150) a year. Tuition fees for undergraduate programmes range from 163,200 to 268,200 rubles a year ($2,510 to $4,130) a year, graduate programme fees from 176,600 to 268,200 rubles a year ($2,720 to $4,130) and PhD programme fees from 100,940 to 305,200 rubles a year ($1,550 to $4,700).

5 key UrFU advantages for prospective international students:

  • The university is located in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city at the junction of Europe and Asia.

  • Powerful faculty: the university employs scientists of world renown.

  • Attractive tuition fees and large discounts depending on entrance test results.

  • Developed infrastructure for comfortable and productive studies, research and extracurricular activities; guaranteed dormitory accommodation.

  • Extensive international partnership network (some 400 universities across the world) supporting student exchange programmes, international research and internships.

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