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Applying to Russian University

How to register on our website and why?
What criteria I should take into account while choosing university?
When do I need to apply to a Russian university?
I want to enroll at the university in Russia. Where do I start?
Are there any age limits for applicants to Russian universities?
When does the application process for the Russian government scholarship begin?
Can I come to Russia on a tourist visa to take examinations?
Do I need to have my CIS university diploma validated to be accepted into postgraduate programmes in Russia?
What documents are required for admission to Russian universities?
Which Russian Universities provide a scholarship for international students?
Is it difficult to get a scholarship from the Russian government?
How are scholarships (quotas) allocated to countries?
Russian Government scholarship: how to get it, how to check if you have been admitted, when to expect an invitation?

Study in Russia

When does academic year start in Russian universities?
Is it true that international students can study for free at Russian universities?
How can I study in Russia if I don't know Russian?
What do preparatory departments for international students teach?
Can an international student complete a preparatory course at one Russian university and take a basic programme at another?
I go to university in my home country. Can I transfer to a Russian university?
What's the average cost of studying at a Russian university? Can I pay for my tuition in instalments?

Living in Russia

Do I really need to purchase health insurance for the duration of my studies in Russia?
Do Russian universities provide their students with dormitory places?
What is the best currency to bring to Russia?
Can foreigners study and work in Russia at the same time?
Can I purchase health insurance in my own country?
I have been admitted to a Russian university and I’m coming to Russia. How much baggage can I take?
Can I stay in Russia and get a job after completing my studies?
How much money does an average student spend in Russia? How much do I need to bring with me?

5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University

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