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45 International Students Graduate from MISiS College of Mining

26 February 2018
Study in Russia for foreigners

Mining specialists received their diplomas at the university graduation ceremony.

Overall 350 graduates got their degrees from National University of Science and Technology College of Mining, including 45 foreign nationals from Mozambique, Mongolia, Namibia, Latvia, Guinea and CIS countries. One hundred students graduated with honours. A concert of university performance groups ended the graduation party.

Graduate class 2018 is a benchmark. Hundred years ago, Moscow Mining Academy, one of Russia’s oldest higher education institutions in the field, was founded. MISiS became its successor. It has trained more than 50,000 mining engineers since 1918. The College offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes. Construction of Mines and Underground Structures, Mining Machinery and Equipment, Minerals Processing and other majors are available to prospective students. Graduates can find jobs at mining companies as production engineers, planning engineers and project managers.

National University of Science and Technology is a leading Russian engineering university. It comprises nine colleges focused on more than 30 fields of study. MISiS student body currently includes representative of 69 countries.

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