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Success stories of international graduates of Russian universities

10 February 2021
Success stories of international graduates of Russian universities
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More students and young scientists who chose Russian universities find prestigious jobs and receive PhD degrees in various fields of study.

Geng Kexin is a second-year master's student at the Faculty of Philology of the National Research Tomsk State University. Recently, she received a job offer at one of the largest companies in the world, Huawei in China. She will work in sales support and development, first in China, and then in the Russian office. The selection process took six stages and was highly competitive as among the candidates were students from Stanford, London and Hong Kong universities.

Geng Kexin came from China to study in Tomsk four years ago under the TSU and Shenyang Polytechnic University joint double degree programme. After receiving her bachelor's degree, Geng Kexin successfully entered a master programme. She plans to start the job immediately after defending her master's thesis.

Geng Kexin © TSU

Lubna Saeed became the first graduate student of the Ural Federal University who wrote and defended her PhD thesis entirely in the English language. The dissertation focuses on Islamization, gender relations and everyday life in Pakistan.

“My friends from Pakistan and Nigeria, who have already studied at UrFU, advised me to apply here because at Ural Federal there is a good research methodology and a developed research base. Earlier, while studying for a master's degree in Pakistan, I studied the philosophy of Marxism and Russian philosophy. As a result, this aroused particular interest in Russia”, said Lubna Saeed. She was most pleasantly surprised by the university staff approach to give students complete freedom to choose research topics and self-expression.

Lubna Saeed © UrFU

Brian Munoz Corrales is a student at the Siberian Federal University from Colombia. He managed to secure a position of Senior Project Engineer at AKROS, the international oilfield services company. Now Brian successfully balances a new job and his master's thesis. He plans to make a career in Russia, as he considers the Russian oil and gas industry to be one of the global leaders.

Graduates of oil and gas programmes were always among the most popular employers. SibFU also provides full support to international students interested to develop in scientific research. Since 2018, international PhD students have been defending dissertations and receiving PhD degrees in architecture and design, mathematics and fundamental informatics, non-ferrous metals and materials science, etc.

Brian Munoz Corrales © SibFU

Education in Russia is a real opportunity to become a certified specialist of an international level. You can choose one or several programmes on our website, submit a free application and take a step towards a successful career.