FEFU Gets More Students from Latin America

20 December 2016 FEFU Gets More Students from Latin America © FEFU

The number of Latin American students grows with every passing year.

Far Eastern Federal University has traditionally been a magnet for prospective students from Asia Pacific and the CIS. However, the ranks of Latin American students coming to FEFU have been growing lately.

In 2016, FEFU admitted over 70 students from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela: 49 enrolled in the Preparatory Dept., while 22 joined Bachelor, Master and postdoctorate programmes. Economics, Engineering, Design and medical courses (residency in particular) are especially popular. 

FEFU runs online advertising campaigns targeting prospective students from Latin America. Word-of-mouth also plays an important role, as students share their experience of studying in Vladivostok with their friends and relatives. All this makes the university more popular. 

Next year FEFU expects to admit around 100 Latin American students. In total, there are 3,000 international students from 52 countries currently enrolled at FEFU.


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