International Students of FEFU Visited Interactive Lectures on Marine Biology

24 March 2017 International Students of FEFU Visited Interactive Lectures on Marine Biology © FEFU

Students of the preparatory department of the university will study the evolution of the planet in the Primorsky Oceanarium.

Professors of FEFU give interactive lectures on the development of life in the ocean and on land for students of the Russian Language Center, who are going to apply to the School of Biomedicine.

The first lecture was attended by students from Latin America, Asian countries and countries of the African continent. It was about the history of the origin of organisms that inhabited our planet millions of years ago, as well as microorganisms that exist today in the World Ocean.

Lectures for students of the preparatory department will be held in the Primorsky Oceanarium once a week. Professors will introduce students to the basics of ecology, the diversity of a sea flora and fauna and tell about their significance for the planet ecosystem.

The training is in Russian, which is also important for foreign students who have started to learn a new language and plan to take courses taught in Russian in the University.


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