Higher School of Economics: Postgraduate Application Open

19 April 2017 Higher School of Economics: Postgraduate Application Open © HSE

International students can enroll in postgraduate studies online.

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) launched the first phase of postgraduate application ending 22 May. The second phase begins on 1 August and ends on 15 September. In summer, enrolling in (postgraduate schools) directions is only possible if they still have available study places.

HSE postgraduate school 2017 has 380 state-funded places. Applicants are required to take professional and English exams. The professional exam comprises theoretical and practical knowledge tests and portfolio assessment. Requirements to the candidate’s personal achievements vary by study direction. For details, see HSE postgraduate schools websites.

The university can ask the entrant to provide references from professionals in the selected field of study. HSE will hold both onsite and online entrance exams.  Applicants can select the language of the main subject, Russian or English.

Some international applicants have several options to enroll in HSE postgraduate programme. They can try to win a grant within the Russian government quota for international students, or pay for tuition.  Another option is only available to citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well as for fellow countrymen: they can enroll in postgraduate programmes winning state-funded places in competitive selection on equal terms with the Russians.

New postgraduate enrolment regulations have been effective in Russia since 2017. Universities now decide for themselves which entrance exams the perspective postgraduates should take. Young scientists will have their portfolios reviewed while universities will take up postgraduate enrolment documents even before the candidate collects their master’s degree or specialist’s diploma.


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