How to Master Russian: Diligence and Hard Work Pay Off

03 July 2017 How to Master Russian: Diligence and Hard Work Pay Off © NSU

A Syrian girl learnt Russian in just two years and scored 91 points in Unified State Exam.

Fleeing the war, Iman Hassun’s family moved from Syria’s Idlib to the Zabaikalsky Territory in Russia’s East Siberia in the summer of 2015. Hassun went to a local secondary school where all subjects were taught in Russian. The girl said she had to learn to write in Russian from scratch and start pronunciation practice as well. “ы” was the most challenging Russian vowel but she learnt to articulate it in the long run. 

By her final year at school, Iman could speak everyday Russian. She scored a staggering 91 points out of 100 in a difficult written Unified State Examination in Russian. Many native speakers cannot boast of such impressive results. Hassun got excellent grades in all other subjects finishing top of her class with the gold medal, awarded to her at the school-leaving party. 

With plans for further education in Russia, the girl is set to study different languages and cultures. She said she would return to her native town together with her parents when the Syrian war ended. 

Iman Hassun is an inspiring example for everybody. Do you want to learn Russian and study in Russia? Enter the preparatory department of Russian universities. Select pre-university training programme on our website.


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