Hungary Chooses Russian

29 March 2016 Hungary Chooses Russian © UNN

Many Hungarians are now studying Russian – from school kids to corporate executives.

According to the website, Russian is the third most popular language in Hungary after English and German. Several years ago, it was introduced as an elective course in the school of Kaloch city. Today, many children are learning Russian as a major – they have classes twice a week. One of the school kids says that he “loves Russian movies and music”.

Russian is in demand not only in schools, but in universities as well. For example, more than 100 people enrol every year in the Russian department of the University of Technology. According to the lecturers, many graduates found good jobs very quickly, and their fluency in Russian was a big help in this.

Russian language courses at the Russian Cultural Center are also very popular – every year, more and more people who want to learn about the culture of our country apply to enroll here. Recently, after many decades, a Russian textbook was published – it is called “Step by Step”.

Overall, more than 3,500 Hungarians are now taking Russian as a second language. It is possible that this number will increase, as the ties between Russia and Hungary grow stronger. Learn more about learning Russian.


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