It is Now Easier for Italians to Enroll in Russian Universities

25 February 2016 It is Now Easier for Italians to Enroll in Russian Universities

2016 is a “crossover” year for Russia and Italy in the area of education.

Recently, after many years of hard work and negotiations, Russia and Italy executed an inter-government agreement on mutual recognition of university diplomas.

The agreement is designed to simplify the enrollment process for Russian and Italian students wishing to study in each other’s countries. According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, more than 1000 students from Italy are currently enrolled in Russian universities. It is expected that this number will grow in the near future.

Many meetings during Russian and Italian universities will be held during the “crossover” year. Also, representatives of the Russian and Italian Education Ministries will be organizing training events, workshops and seminars for school children, students and teachers.


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