MIPT and the Oilfield Service Company Schlumberger Launch a Master's programme

06 April 2017 MIPT and the Oilfield Service Company Schlumberger Launch a Master's programme © MIPT

A Bachelor graduate of any technical university can apply if he/she speaks Russian.

MIPT specialists and Schlumberger Research Center, one of the world leaders in the development of science-intensive technologies for the oil and gas industry, prepared the course jointly. Applicants will have to choose one of three majors: mathematical modeling, physics of oil production processes or computer analysis of information.

All candidates should submit a Bachelor's degree diploma in Applied Mathematics and Physics and pass an interview to confirm their level of proficiency. The training will take place in Russian. Prospective students can apply to the state-funded places or they can study on contract basis (RUB 250,000 or USD 4,300 per year).

Submission period lasts from April 5 to May 25, 2017, but feel free to ask MIPT employees any question right now (zhiliaev.pa@mipt.ru). The first group of students will begin to study in September 2017. Classes will be held at MIPT, Schlumberger specialists will be the scientific supervisors of the students.

Master’s students can expect an additional scholarship as well as financial support of their postgraduate study in Phystech.


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