MISIS Postgraduate Studies for Foreign Nationals: Study and Work

20 November 2018 MISIS Postgraduate Studies for Foreign Nationals: Study and Work © MISIS

Take part in a contest and you will have a chance not only become a PhD student but also get job at a university department.

International prospective students planning to apply for National University of Science and Technology MISIS PhD programmes in 2019 as scholarship or self-funded students, can take part in the contest for 20 research engineer jobs. The winners can engage in research, prepare education materials and also work as research engineers at university laboratories under the guidance of well-known scientists. Successful candidates sign a one-year contract with a renewal option. Candidate assessment relies on research publications over the past five years and requires “advanced” level in English or higher.

International prospective students can apply for MISIS PhD programmes from 4 February till 20 July 2019. To enrol in an English-taught programme, prospective students have to pass a written and oral test in the principal subject; Russian-medium programme applicants take an examination in the principle subject and an English test. PhD applicants have to clearly state their intention to participate in the contest and name their mentor (see the list on the university website). MISIS currently offers PhD programmes in 18 fields of study such as physics and astronomy, chemical engineering, earth science, electronics, radio engineering and communication systems, computer sciences and engineering, mechanical engineering, materials technology etc. To send your application, sign into the website; it is free. University staff will answer your questions and tell you what to do next.


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