Lobachevsky University Launches Medical Programmes for International Students

01 June 2017 Lobachevsky University Launches Medical Programmes for International Students © UNN

Lobachevsky University (UNN) will have the first intake for medical biophysics, biochemistry and medical cybernetics in 2017.

Citizens of any foreign country can enrol in UNN specialist's degree in new fields of study. Language of instruction is Russian. Students with limited Russian language skills are offered to take a Russian language course and other subjects at the preparatory department before enrolling in basic university programmes. Medical training programmes take six years to complete.

International students seeking a place on a medical biophysics programme are required to take entrance tests in mathematics, physics and Russian. Medical cybernetics students take entrance tests in mathematics, biology and Russian. Chemistry, biology and Russian language entrance tests are compulsory for students applying for medical biology programme.  

Applications can be submitted from 20 June through 20 August. Foreign citizens can e-mail documents to admissions@unn.ru. Tuition fee is about 195,000 roubles a year. No budget-funded spots are provided.

NNU new specialties graduates can be employed as medical geneticists, virologists, bacteriologists, radiologists, clinico-diagnostic laboratory doctors, ultrasonic diagnostic physicians, medicolegal experts etc. 


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