Novosibirsk State University Opens Intake for Structural Bioinformatics Master’s Programme

07 June 2017 Novosibirsk State University Opens Intake for Structural Bioinformatics Master’s Programme © NSU

International prospective students can apply for scholarship or self-funded places.

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree and an interest in pursuing biology and programming. The programme is available only in Russian, but NSU offers Russian language courses for international prospective students with insufficient mastery of Russian. Structural Bioinformatics studies biomolecule structures (protein, DNA, RNA) employing computational biology methods. Research in this field is essential for gaining insights into living systems basic operation principles.

The results obtained could be used in a range of areas, for example in developing innovative medicines, vaccines, etc. Students master general and structural bioinformatics, have an in-depth study of biomolecule structure and learn Python programming. The master’s programme offers additional courses in cytology, genetics and molecular biology to students whose previous studies were not related to biology.

Documents are submitted from 20 June through 8 August 2017; applicants take an examination in biology. Programming experience is a welcome asset but not a must. Master’s study contract tuition fee is $5,200 a year; government-funded places are available.

E-mail your questions to Find out more about the programme here. To apply online, create a personal account on our website, fill out an application form, select NSU among the universities and name the programme in your message.


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