NSU Summer School: First Step Towards Prestigious Education

27 June 2018 NSU Summer School: First Step Towards Prestigious Education  © NSU

CIS schoolchildren in 8, 9 and 10 grades keen on exact sciences are welcome.  

Novosibirsk State University holds a summer school on 4-21 August for Russian-speaking schoolchildren interested in physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology. Classes are modelled on university studies: NSU teachers will read lectures and conduct seminars. The participants will learn about achievements of the modern science and practice the solution of complex problems. At the end of the summer programme they will take a written test and have an interview in each of the four disciplines. If the participant successfully copes with the problems and gets a pass rate, they are admitted to the NSU Lavryentev High School of Physics and Mathematics. This centre, well-known in Russia and beyond, coaches talented prospective students for enrolment in engineering and natural science majors.

To take the NSU short summer programme, candidates have to submit the required documents to the Admissions Board at 11/1 Pirogova Street, Novosibirsk, from July 29 till July 31, 2018 and pass competitive selection. The tests in maths, physics, chemistry and biology are scheduled for 1-3 August. A candidate can select two examinations or more; the math exam is obligatory. Examinations fee is 6,100 rubles ($97). Training is free. Accomodation and meals cost 31,000 rubles ($490). The list of document and payment details are available on the NSU website.

Participation in the NSU summer school is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge beyond school curriculum, prepare for enrolment at prestigious Russian universities, experience student life and make new friends.


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