Olympiads for International Students Start in Russia

03 November 2016 Olympiads for International Students Start in Russia © TPU

Winners will have preferential terms of admission to Russian universities.

The extensive list of point-awarding Olympiads conducted by different universities and organizations in Russia is approved by the Ministry of Education every year. The number of points one can get depends on the level of the contest – winners of Level 1 Olympiads get the most preferential terms of admission. Olympiads are usually held in several phases (some remote, some on-site).

There are several contests planned for November 2016. Registration for ‘Conquer the Vorobyov Hills!’ Olympiad is already open, try-out will last until November 19. Registration for ‘Vysshaya Proba’ (Tiptoppers) Olympiad has also started, try-out will last from November 26 until December 11. Pan-Siberian Open Olympiad for Schoolchildren is also open, November 13 will see tests in Physics, and November 20 – in Chemistry. Try-outs in various streams of the Lomonosov Olympiad will start on November 9.

The online stage of the Phystech Olympiad and try-out of the Phystech.International Olympiad in Physics and Mathematics are also open. Off-campus stage of the United Inter-University Mathematics Olympiad for Schoolchildren will be held in December and January.

Don’t lose heart if you don’t manage to participate in fall contests; you will be able to choose from winter and spring events. For instance, January 2017 will see Rosatom Industrial Olympiad in Physics and Mathematics try-outs and the start of a stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren. Base level of the International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns will start in February, and the Olympiad for Students and Graduates will be held in March.

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