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Online Master's Degree from HSE on Coursera

02 December 2020
Online Master's Degree from HSE on Coursera

The Higher School of Economics just announced the launch of four new master's programmes held entirely online via Coursera. International applicants from any country in the world can apply today and get the chance to become professionals in business, technology and data science.

You can apply for an оnline programme starting December 1, 2020, until August 10, 2021. Choose the one that fits you best.

1. Master of Business Analytics
This programme will allow you to gain extensive knowledge in the field of analysis, evaluation, estimation of capital and financial performance of a business. This skill set is essential to independently develop new economy and finance trends to grow a company. This course is most suitable for ambitious bachelor graduates beginning their career in business analytics. Established professionals interested in the latest innovations in their industry will find this programme highly useful as well..

2. Master of Computer Vision
Become one of the most highly qualified professionals in the fast-growing field of Computer Vision. The programme includes theoretical and practical training in IT. You will learn to solve applied problems, engage in interactive work and create your own project from scratch. Each graduate will be able to proceed with a career as a Computer Vision Software Engineer, Perception Engineer, 3D Perception / Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer, Computer Vision Testing Engineer, Computer Vision Scientist.

3. Master of Data and Network Analytics
The Applied Data Analytics programme with an emphasis on network analysis is relevant for everyone interested in the latest Big Data technologies and wants to receive comprehensive training in modern analytics. Graduates can go on for a career not only in IT but also in economics and finance, management, public administration, medicine, science, etc.

4. Master of Finance
This programme was developed by the Higher School of Economics, based on the syllabus of the international CFA Institute for specialists in modern and innovative strategies for financial analysis. The experience gained in this programme will allow you to get certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Upon completion of this programme, you will become a financial analyst able to find employment in the leading global organizations: banks, investment funds, ranking agencies, consulting groups, audit companies, public financial institutions, etc.

The HSE programme on Coursera is your chance to stay home safely and get a full master's degree and experience necessary to get a position in any company in the world.

Betty Vandenbosch, Executive Vice President of Content at Coursera: “HSE is a distinguished university focused on education demanded by the labour market. We are honoured to expand our partnership with these new programmes and reach even more learners across the globe. Students from different countries will be able to get a university degree, studying on a flexible schedule, without compromising their work and family life".

The Higher School of Economics is not only one of the most prestigious universities in Russia, ranked first by the Forbes, but also one of the global leaders in online learning development. Become one of the first graduates of the HSE online programme or choose a fascinating field at any level of higher education on our website. Send your application right now.