Open Doors Olympiad for Foreigners: Registration Underway

22 November 2017 Open Doors Olympiad for Foreigners: Registration Underway © MEPhI

Olympiad winners and awardees are entitled to non-competitive admission to master’s degree programme at a Russian university and free tuition.

Applications are accepted from residents of any country, stateless persons and Russian nationals living abroad. An Olympiad participant is required to have a bachelor's degree or be in their final year of an  undergraduate programme in 2018. The international academic competition has been arranged by Russian universities, including ITMO National Research University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Higher School of Economics, National University of Science and TechnologyLobachevsky University and Siberian Federal University. The Olympiad covers maths, computer science, physics and economics. Each field is split into several tracks which are listed on the Olympiad website. Participants can choose one or several fields of study.

The Olympiad languages are Russian and English; the competition comprises two stages. Tryouts will be held on 1-30 December 2017. Upload your portfolio on the Olympiad website to participate in the first round. 1st round winners qualify for the finals to be held online on 25 January - 5 February. The list of finalists will be published on 20 February. Open Doors winners are eligible for non-competitive admission to master’s programme at a Russian university. Language of instruction is Russian or English upon confirmation of language proficiency level. Those who wish to improve their Russian skills are offered language courses at the pre-university training faculty.


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