Russia Celebrates Students’ Day

25 January 2017 Russia Celebrates Students’ Day © BFU

Students of universities have fun, skate, organize contests and competitions.

January 25, 1755, the famous Moscow University (now the Moscow State University) was founded on the Christian Martyr Tatiana Memorial Day. Since then, a new holiday called Students’ Day or Tatiana's Day was established in Russia. Saint Tatiana was considered to be the patroness of all students.

This day is always full of fun; students prepare for it in advance, make up something original and interesting. Surely international students are also happy to support the Russian tradition and take an active part in the festivities. In 2017, in the Far Eastern Federal University it was decided to celebrate Tatyana’s Day in the open air, in the South Park of the campus.

Everyone will be able to participate in the entertainments and funny tug of war, darts competitions, and even play chess on a gigantic chessboard. Guests will be treated with traditional Russian meal: porridge, pancakes and black tea.

Tomsk State University students and professors are going to spend January 25 at the university ice rink, which is one of the largest rinks in Siberia. It will be free of charge for all the visitors on this day. Hot beverage with honey and herbs called sbiten will help to get warm. In addition, on Students’ Day in Tomsk an unusual competition will be held between teams of several universities called the championship on eating doughnuts.

Students of Tyumen also will not be bored, a jolly celebration with Russian tea ceremony, creative contests is waiting for them. For example, there is a throwing valenki (traditional winter shoes, made from sheep wool) competition in the program. The winner team will get 5 kg of chocolate. University of Tyumen students will also be able to take part in paintball and archery competition.

We congratulate all students with a "professional" great holiday and wish to have fun on this day!


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