Russian Schoolchildren Have Won 8 Gold Medals

26 July 2016 Russian Schoolchildren Have Won 8 Gold Medals © MIPT

Young mathematicians and physicists trained by MIPT staff have taken gold in international competitions.

July 2016 saw 2 events where school kids from all over the world could show their knowledge: International Physics Olympiad in Zurich and International Math Olympiad in Hong Kong. Russian teams brought 4 gold medals from each competition. Moreover, Alexander Artemyev was recognized as the best student of Theoretical Physics and received an award from the European Physical Society. Math team was coached at MIPT for 2 weeks prior to the competition.

Do you know that foreign students can participate in some Russian Olympiads? Moreover, many universities conduct their own competitions for applicants from other countries and awardees have a fast track to enrollment. See here for a list of tournaments open to foreign applicants.


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