Russian Schoolchildren Win Nine Gold Medals

30 July 2018 Russian Schoolchildren Win Nine Gold Medals © IPhO2018

Young physicists, chemists and biologists trained by teachers of leading Russian universities won top places at international Olympiads.

Russia is known as a quality engineering and natural science education provider; international competitions results repeatedly prove the fact. Russian schoolchildren recently triumphed at international intellectual competitions in Portugal, the Czech Republic and Iran. The 49th International Physics Olympiad involving teams from 90 countries ended in Lisbon on 28 July 2018. Five contestants represented Russia; their scores were based on personal results. They won four golds and a silver having successfully coped with theoretical problems and a laboratory assignment. The Russian team had been coached by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology teachers.

The 50th International Chemistry Olympiad took place in Prague on 29 July; the Russians achieved great success at this competition too as they won two gold and two silver medals. One of the Russian participants – Alexey Konplev – got the maximum possible score. The Russians competed with their peers from 76 countries. At the 29th International Biology Olympiad in Tehran on 21 July, Russian schoolchildren won three gold medals and one silver. They successfully solved theoretical and practical problems in cell and molecular biology, plant texture, human and animal anatomy, genetics, biosystematics and other branches of biology. The competition brought together teams from 71 countries. Lomonosov Moscow State University teachers had trained the Russian team.

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